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SPECIAL: Upgrade to Silver for just $15!!!!  

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Wisemann DTR-200 Trumpet

Only $299 -  Yes, and this is a QUALITY horn.

Here at, many of our customers are not only starting off on the bugle, but also the trumpet.  Watching a customer "rent to own" a $1000 trumpet causes us to cringe.  The price of these horns seems to far exceed their value...and by the time the parent figures it out,  they've have already "invested" so much mone, they continued to "rent" and thus buying these overpriced starter horns.  (Note: Horns by Getzen and Kanstul should not be considered in this category, these are high quality horns, even those marketed as "student" horns).

To help fill the need for a good quality student horn at an affordable price,   we're offering the Wisemann DTR-200 B-flat trumpet.   Highly economical at $299 with loads of features, designed and QA'd by a master US brass instrument specialist, who assures a quality  build.  So let's take a tour of the Wisemann DTR-200 and even if you've "invested" in a "student" horn, buying this trumpet can make LOTS of sense.  Note, all pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.


  Let's start with the case, one of the great features of the Wisemann horn. A solid lightweight case which offers great protection while being easy to carry.  Note that there are two very well padded handles which make the case easy to grip and carry.  It can be stood up vertical or horizontal with "feet" on both surfaces.











 The case seems thin, but the outside pocket is wide enough to easily carry some music books  which makes it easy to carry to lessons and back, so your music is always with you.











Inside the pocket there's room for pen and pencil so you can always have your writing instruments at your finger tip  A net pocket can store keys and/or cell phone or other electronics.






Shoulder harnesses are quickly available for use, and just as quickly tucked securely away so they don't get tangles.  A shoulder strap is also included to sling the case over a single shoulder.











 The trumpet remains snug in the case allowing for protection from bumps and other impact injuries.  By resting firmly in the case, it avoids dents and crumples when the case falls from height. 






This is how the horn is packaged. It may seem a bit corny but it includes white gloves, and a cleaning cloth.  General instructions are also included.  A plastic covering helps to make sure there is a pristine arrival.  


An additional cloth covering to protect the horn and keep in clean. 

Let's look at the horn itself and go over some features.  Start with the mouthpiece, a 7C style mouthpiece.

The leadpipe is made of rose brass which makes for a cool design and contrasts of colors.   The slides are Nickel-Silver to add not only looks but strength.

Of course a trumpet lives and dies by it's valves, and these valves are STAINLESS STEEL.   To help with intonation (Certain notes that have problems on ALL trumpets) there is an adjustable 3rd slide ring.  The adjustment is valuable for the growing hand.  On the first valve slide there is a thumb saddles.  Both the ring and saddle are designed to allow the player to adjust the overall length of the horn to fine tune

So how does it play?  Surprisingly well.  Nice solid intonation, responsive with a nice rich tone.  A fine response into the upper registers with solid slotting (the ability of the horn to stay in center or the note.  Valuable for the beginner,  might be less desirable for an experienced jazz player who likes to "bend" notes).  The stainless steel valves are super faster right out of the box as are the 1st and 3rd slides.

Go ahead and click on the thumbnails to get a blown up view of this horn. 













Buy now with quick shipping!

All horns have been play tested and oiled before shipment.



Wisemann DTR-200 Trumpet with Case and Mouthpiece  $299 + $15 S&H

SILVER Wisemann DTR-200SP Trumpet with Case and Mouthpiece  $314 + $15 S&H




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