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Do you have a phone number?

We don't publish the phone number since much of's work is actually done in a home office (amazing as that sounds).  Since there are folks in the house who work night shifts (which is why you might get an e-mail at 4 am) we prefer to do things by e-mail.  If you NEED to speak to someone, leave your phone number with your question and we'll either try to answer your question by e-mail or try to call you.  At the start up we DID publish the number, and we received ton's of marketing calls to every customer call, in other words it caused more problems then it solved.

Do you have a mailing address?

We do,  and we used to publish it on the web.  The problem was it generated an unbelievable amount of junk mail to the point that real orders were LOST amongst the junk. Since 98% of the orders come in electronically anyhow, we stopped publishing it on line.   So if you want to send in a payment contact us, but put in enough of what you want so we can help you AND make sure you're a real person and not a "bot" (an automated data mining program). 

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If your e-mail program doesn't pick up the direct click, just use the e-mail address.

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