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What We Are
Who We Are
Ordering/Mail Instructions
Back Orders (none anticipated at this time)

Canada and International


What We Are is dedicated to support of the art of bugle playing, mainly aimed at scouting initially, but the needs of those playing military events are clearly supported. .  Our goal is to have a single site where one can learn how to play a bugle (though they might need some personal  help), have a selection of fairly priced bugles to meet the needs of scouts and those who play at veteran's funerals.  We're slowly growing our back up items such as cases, gig bags, mouthpieces. .  If you would like to have a picture, or story, or comment published, just send it to support

Who We Are (2014 update) was started around 2003. We're currently a very small operation out of Albuquerque, NM. During the start up we had a son and daughter going thorough their respective scout programs. Now they're in college and we're keeping the operation going to continue to support our mission. One of us is an officer in the New Mexico National Guard.


We try to ship within 48 hours of order receipt, however due to other commitments, shipments may be delayed up to 5 days!  If you need things sooner, please send e-mail and tell us what you need and where you need it.  While we might not be able to ship, e-mail usually is replied to within 24 hours or less.  Checks, e-checks, and unconfirmed addresses can delay shipping.  Shipping for single bugles is usually by United States Postal Service or if a case or gig bag is ordered, possibly UPS.  Larger orders may go by USPS, Fed-X or UPS depending on distance, total weight and possibly even time of day.  Please include your phone number  since Fed-x asks for it if there's a delivery problem. 

If you need rush shipment, it's best to contact us BEFORE ordering. Tell us what item you're planning on ordering and your Zip Code. That way we can get back to you with the optimal solution. Understand that we often won't be able to get a rush order out, but the only way is to check. How fast can you ship?


The easiest way to order is online by clicking on  each item and paying via PayPal. does not acquire nor therefore keep any of your credit card information.  Follow the instructions on the order page.   We no longer maintain a PO box due to lack of mail orders and a MASSIVE amount of junk mail.  However if you would like to pay by mail, check in with us for the current best mailing location:

  I want to mail in my payment 


Privacy Notice

  1. We do not process the credit cards, that is done through Paypal, so we don't and can't keep or use that information.

  2. We don't sell our mailing list. (well no one has OFFERED, but still we won't)

  3. We may include you in our e-mailing list for specials, etc.  Of course if you just send an e-mail, you'll be off that list quickly.  (We are not automated, so we can be very responsive to removal).

  4. Phone numbers will never be used other then for purposes of dealing with any problems in the order, then never again.

  5. You address will not be used for any other purpose then shipping.

  6. If you send us comments, we feel we can put them on the web-site, minus last name and e-mail address.  If you decide, "hey, I don't want that there" let us know.

 Back Orders

If an items is not in stock and not anticipated to be in stock within one week, we will advise you of the fact and give you the option to wait or we'll refund your money at your discretion. NOTE: WE ARE NOT AUTOMATED, THERE IS A CHANCE THAT AN ITEM IS OUT AND THE WEB SITE CONTINUES TO TAKE ORDERS.  WE'LL TRY TO REMOVE THE ITEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND INFORM YOU WITHIN 48 HOURS (USUALLY SOONER) OF THE PROBLEM.


We generally allow 7 days to evaluate the item and return it if need be.  We do not reimburse  postage.  PLEASE E-MAIL US FOR RETURN INFORMATION AND TO HELP US SOLVE THE PROBLEM: support.  Despite this policy, we reserve the right NOT to refund, or to reduce the amount of refund if instrument is not returned in good faith and in the condition shipped.   Some items are sold as-is, example garage sale items,  as-is means as-is.  


Canada and International

 We usually can ship overseas, though shipping charges gets quite hefty.  E-mail for quote.  We'll generally reply with a PAYPAL invoice which will outline the shipping costs and allow you to pay.  Shipping is by USPS international priority (or at least it is as I type this, your invoice will describe the actual method quoted) support.   All out of country orders are shipped at BUYER'S RISK.  Based on other priorities, we may not be able to bid on a particular order.  

Please send comments, etc to: support

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