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Greetings, if you're on this link, you've jumped here from Google or another search engine.  Anyway, this is an old obsolete page...Go to Home to navigate around the site.

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We get e-mail asking if we have mouthpieces to go with this bugle or that bugle.  I can't assure you that mouthpiece "A" goes with instrument "B" but I do have a few "laying around" so if you want one, $7.50 includes postage for one or $10/for two.  will get you a couple to try out.  these MIGHT be slightly used, though I do have a supply of new ones.  Not the easiest thing to photograph due to the size, but here goes (note Earl and Jules fighting over the mouthpiece)  Mouthpiece sent may vary from picture.  No returns on these.:


One Mouthpiece  $7.50 includes shipping
Two Mouthpieces  $10.00 Includes Shipping


As we bring in bugles from overseas, we've had a chance to bring in some "other instruments."  These are  some unusual findings.  The greatest bargains are on the Euphonium, Baritones and Flugelhorns.   However the consistency of quality has not been there in order to offer on our main page, so these are being sold AS-IS untested.  They may have a number of problems, but in general, folks have been happy with them, but you have been warned.  E-mail for additional questions.

Other instruments and stuff are as described below.  Thanks for looking at our "other stuff"

Flugelhorn $199

NEW: We're blowing out these bugles through our "Garage Sale" save - Going for $99 TO $119!!!!!


A mellow flugelhorn to complement any trumpet or bugle player's  collection.   (Note the last picture shows the Flugel with an LA SAX (black) flugelhorn and a Cuenon flugelhorn.  

The flugelhorn is a conical instrument tuned in B flat and played much like a trumpet or cornet.  It has a mellow tone due to it’s wide bell and is often used as a “doubling” (second instrument) by trumpet players in jazz bands.  Chuck Mangione is probably the most famous Flugelhorn player but there are many more.  It does take musical skill to play, and though it should be as easy to learn for a beginner as a trumpet, it is unlikely a band director would be happy with your child showing up with one of these. (Just as my daughter found out when she took my LA Sax to school instead of her trumpet).

  I find my flugal a very personal instrument and actually much more forgiving and less demanding them my trumpet.  I find it much more enjoyable when I just want to lay back and improvise some mellow music it seems to flow a lot easier out of the Flugelhorn.  While the opportunities to play Flugel in performance are less, it sure seems to go better for some personal time.  These arrived a couple of days before I wrote this listing and I kept this horn out and found myself "test" playing it quite a bit.
 This horn has a very fine flugel quality, surprisingly so given the price.  I compared to my Cuenon, which is considered to have one of the classic flugelhorn’s sounds.  It doesn’t have quite a dark and haunting sound as the Cuenon, but it’s close and quite comparable to my LA Sax sound.   The valve action is comparable to the Cuenon, however valves are not that instrument's strong point. Physically they’re quite similar as you can see below, I'm sure this one is based on that model.

The instrument ships with a roughly 7C size mouthpiece (cornet).  This is probably a bit shallower then would be optimal for the horn, a 1C I think would bring this horn an even richer tone.  I actually was able to get my Bob Reeves Flugelhorn Cuenon style mouthpiece into the horn, but it had a little too wide receptor for a tight fit, though it did make a real cool sound.  Mouthpiece experimentation with this horn to find the oms and played well right out of the case.  (The horn you’ll see in the pictures).  My wife is my final evaluation ears on these horns and had a hard time telling the three flugals apart in regards to quality of sound.

This should be fantastic buy though for those wanting to add a Flugelhorn to your collection but don’t want to cough up $600 + for a used horn.  I think you’ll be very satisfied with this horn for your occasional use and might meet some folks standards for a performance horn.

While there is a great improvement in horn qualities on each shipment I receive from overseas, there are still occasional glitches I’m anticipating so please see the additional discussion on the Indian horns in general.  However the horn I tested had no problems

The case is, well, simple, it's a  box with a holder for the mouthpiece, a handle and a simple lock.  It will NOT make it through the luggage check-in of an airline, or in the bottom of the bus, but it's okay to carry.  It does not offer a lot of drop protection.  It is however well wrapped within this box for shipping purposes and should arrive in great shape. 


THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW, we think at these prices you'll be very happy with your purchase, but:

1) These are not perfect horns.  I've inspected some, but not all.  Some have flakes of chrome coming off, some had some gummy deposits on the chrome that needed polishing off, and some have some gunk on the valves that were easily water picked off.  So when you buy this: ASSUME THAT THERE WILL BE small CHIPS OF CHROME MISSING, SOME GUNK TO POLISH OFF AND VALVES NEEDING CLEANING AND OILING.  These things are packed way to nice for me to rip them apart then put them back together again.  I'd rather ship you this very well packaged and well-protected horn.  So even though these issues are minor, I want to make you aware of these issues.  IF you find the valves sticking, they are quickly fixed by cleaning the horn in hot water, cleaning the valves and valve casing with an old t-shirt and then some good valve oil.  



Student Chrome  B Flat Euphonium $99

This is a B-Flat Student Euphonium imported From India.  23" long and 10" Bell. It includes a mouthpiece and a very simple case.  This is brass with a nickel and chrome finish.  This instrument is designed for the beginning student so they can start with a new horn, without that used horn "smell."    The tone and play is dark and rich.  Please read our Indian Instrument page before ordering. AS IS UNTESTED - REALIZE THAT THIS MAY NOT MEET YOUR NEEDS, E-MAIL WITH ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE ORDERING.



Euphonium AS IS UNTESTED $99 + $25.00 S&H&I 



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