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(Non-United States Sales)

Yes, we do ship outside the United States.  As you can tell, our website isn't exactly super duper high tech.  On the other hand keeping things simple allows us to keep our prices low despite constant increases from suppliers and shippers. So international shipping unfortunately becomes a manual process of calculating rates and generating an invoice. 

First off, we ship international via the postal service since commercial shipper's rates are simply too high to justify.  However, insurance is often not offered so the risk of shipping is on the BUYER.   We use International Priority Mail for the shipping. 


We do not "fudge" custom documents.  It is what it is. 

Shipping will be decided on a case by case basis.

When you do drop us some e-mail, ( it's VERY helpful if you're VERY SPECIFIC on what you want to buy.  All the time we get requests for "Shipping costs on a bugle"  Okay, which one?  Do you want a case?  Do you want an extra mouthpiece?  What Country are we talking about?  Information, information, information is always helpful.

What we'll do on our end is generate a paypal invoice for the item and shipping which by paying for it, your item will be on it's way.  A rather simple process.  Or, you can not pay it, in which case we'll have to open a large container  of Ben and Jerry's and watch "Breaking Bad" DVD's.  (Who are we kidding? we're going to do that either way!)

We can't control delays in customs or how they repack the bugle if they decide to open it up and rip it apart.


So, here goes include:

1) Your e-mail which you can accept a pay pal invoice

2) What model bugle you want.

3) What finish (Lacquer or Silver (or Nickle Silver))

4) Case?  Gig Bag?  "Naked?"  Extra Mouthpiece? 

4) Country we're shipping to

5) Other concerns.

Okay, so if still interested drop an e-mail and we're rocking and rolling!









Please send comments, etc to: support

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