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Playing The Notes

 Now it's time to get bugle in hand and get ready to play some notes.  The instrument is played by buzzing the lips by tightening the lips at the corners while pulling the edges of the lips back in a slightly tight smile.  The mouthpiece is placed in about the center.  The tongue is in position at the roof of the mouth and an air stream is started on each note.  The pitch of the note is based on the speed of the air stream ("ahh" Slower, "eeee" faster).  The faster the speed, the higher the note.  The lips will need to tighten to support the higher notes.  Try the following.  The first note ("G") is probably the lowest a beginner will be able to play on a bugle.  Play each note for 4 counts and give a "tuu" to start of each new count.  You can take a quick deep breath in between notes if you need to.

Now that you have that down, let's try shortening the time of each note, and lets add a high "G" in the middle.  Each of the notes are one note except the high "G" and ending low "G" in the middle.


There are multiple other exercises to get you going but if you can do these, you are well on your way.

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