Learning From the Crew

A found cigarette carton enlights the young ladies

"T" connector in Septic Tank

Well the whole project got tied up because the county inspector insisted on this "T" in the septic tank. No way to do it in the old tank, so a whole bunch of concrete had to be stashed into the ground and a new system added for this "T". In case there's any questions here it is. Poop will now go down hill.

Non Union Labor

Non Union Labor helps keep costs down on this project.

Do you think the Toledo Blade will Figure it out?

Even though they were called not to deliver anything,

they still pile it on to a house under construction.

Can they figure this out?

No, see next picture

Toledo Blade Still Can't Figure it out.

Still keeps delivering

He can wait as long as it takes.

Bernie the Bunnie waits in fear

Kelly's arch Enemy

This is Sammy, Kelly's Arch Enemy

Sammy Awaits Kelly

Ready to pounce, Sammy stands Guard